This amazing KIA Car can transform into a life-size Autobot

An auto show video uploaded just a few days ago has turned viral, with over eight million views in just two days, after it showed a car transform into an Autobot.

An Autobot, which is short for Autonomous Robotic Organism, is a sentient robot from the planet Cybertron led by Optimus Prime, and the main protagonists in the fictional universe of the Transformers.

The KIA Car transforming into an Autobot.
The KIA Car transforming into an Autobot.

South Korea vehicle manufacturer Kia Motors Corporation had just built a lifesize Autobot and showcased it in this recent auto show, impressing the audience and netizens alike. In the video below, you can see the white SUV's panels split and it slowly rose to a standing position. Arms then popped from from both sides, creating a robot-like appearance. The vehicle is reportedly called the Kia Transformer Edition.

There is no official announcement from Kia as to when the car will be launched. But you have to admit it’s a pretty cool innovation!

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