How Marbles are made?

Marbles are small spherical toys which come in the shape of balls that vary in size and are usually made from glass, clay, steel, plastic or agate. Locally, they are called holen (sometimes spelled as jolen) and is one of the traditional games played by Filipino children.

But have you ever wondered how marbles are made?

The craftsman applies some finishing touches on the hand-made marble.
The craftsman applies some finishing touches on the hand-made marble.

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Ever wonder how custom designed Marbles are made?

Although called a marble, these toys are actually made of glass instead of metamorphic rock. In the video below, you will see how both kinds of marbles are made. The more common ones are made through a simple industrial process: melt some glass, cut it into pieces, and run it through automated rollers to shape it into spheres.

But the fancier ones, those with colorful glass strips inside, are diligently handmade. Clear glass is first melted in the oven. Then he will proceed making the colored ones by cutting chunks of it then applying some heated clear glass by using a rod. After that, he stretches it until it is thin as a noodle as he will use various colors for decorating the clear marbles. Then he will take the rod again and use this to gather a chunk of melted glass, shape it with a cluster of wet newspaper and then rolls it on several preheated colored glass strings. He will repeat this several times, usually up to six layers. He will then shape the glass with several wooden and metal tools with the end result being as big as a golf ball.

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