EA Guzman, nabiktima ng sariling prank (Wow Mali)

Joey De Leon, Wow Mali's host, introduced the segment Emote Control where their celebrity guest, Edgar Allan Guzman thought he is going to prank something but little did he know that the joke's on him!

Edgar Allan was patiently waiting for the man whom he thought he'll prank. Then the man, who's one of the accomplices, came, driving the car which he was supposed to sell to Edgar Allan.

EA Guzman confronting the Police inside the car.
EA Guzman confronting the Police inside the car.

EA Guzman was about to do a prank, but he was arrested by the Police

Joey De Leon really made Edgar Allan fell like he was the prankster by telling him what to say via a hidden phone.

Edgar Allan told the man asked the man if he could put some disco and laser lights inside because he was a party goer. Then the prank goes on as Edgar Allan was instructed by Joey to get some beer and listen to some music inside the car.

When they got inside the car, Joey told Edgar Allan to ask some girls outside to ride the car with them. And he did what he was told but he did not have any clue that even the girls outside where accomplices!

The girls didn't immediately rode the car after they were asked by Edgar Allan, to this, he felt the need to kneel down just to convince them! Great acting accomplices!

After the girls got out of the car, while Edgar Allan and the man were talking, a police riding a motor came. He police was, of course, fake. He acted like he was inspecting the car then he approached Edgar Allan. The police requested for the car's registration. When he told them the car was indeed, a "hot car", you could really see the tension and shock on Edgar Allan's face!

The prank was ended and Edgar Allan took a breath of relief when Joey De Leon stepped into the scene.

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