Restaurant na "parang nasa bahay ka lang" (Bubble Gang)

Eat like you're at home in Bubble Gang's "Resto Ni Nanay"

Starring in the skit is Valeen Montenegro as Nanay and Bentong as the costumer.

A costumer visited the Resto ni Nanay out of curiosity. He, then, met "Nanay" as he entered the restaurant which really has a home-like ambiance.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

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Nanay was really polite and welcoming to the costumer. She offered him a seat and assured to be back to serve their famous homemade food. But while she was assisting him into his seat, she noticed that the customers back is really sweaty. She immediately took a towel and tuck in under the customer's shirt - just like what mothers do to their little boys before they go out and play.

The clueless customer was so speechless that he didn't even bother to stop "Nanay" in what she’s doing He just politely said thank you. But before he started to eat, Nanay told him to wash his hands first because if he didn’t he might get sick.

When the customer returned after washing his hands, the food was already served. While he was eating, Nanay offered him help in eating, which most mothers do to their little kid.

The customer was really funny because he didn't even stopped Nanay from feeding him with her bare hands! After eating, the customer was really shocked because Nanay told him to wash the dishes. When he objected, Nanay got really furious saying she cooked and prepared the table now it’s his time to do the chores.

However, the customer still refused to do it. Nanay, on the other hand, looked like she put the matter on someone else's hand and called somebody. A man came, and apparently, he's "Tatay"!

While the customer explained that he's not their son, Tatay scolded him, removed his belt, and hit the customer with it which is what Filipino parents do to discipline their kids!

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