Catfish swallows big fish that's about its own size

Have you ever seen a fish eat another fish that's of the same size, or possibly even smaller?

In a video captured in China, a gulper catfish can be seen eating a goldfish that was in the same aquarium it was in!

Caught on camera, the epic catfish that gulp down a big fish whole.
Caught on camera, the epic catfish that gulp down a big fish whole.

Scroll down for video.

As you will see in the video below, the goldfish was in the lower corner of the aquarium when the catfish swims closer and suddenly nabs it on the head. The goldfish proceeded to try and shake the catfish off, but it was unsuccessful as the catfish started swallowing it alive and whole.

Its mouth stretched and other catfishes in the aquarium even tried to get a nibble of the goldfish on the side but the predator catfish swam away to have the goldfish for itself. Its stomach soon became bloated with its meal.

According to Tropical Fish Magazine, this type of catfish are carnivorous and generally eat whole shrimp, earthworms and fish that are up to twice its size. Also, tankmates are not recommended for a gulper catfish as it will surely try to eat them and it is sure that one or two fish might somehow end up dead in the end.

At least now, we know what not to put with our goldfishes!

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