Prehistoric monster, rare Giant Sawfish caught by Biologist

Jeremy Wade is a British television presenter known for his television series River Monsters. In one of its episode, he and his crew traveled to Queensland, Australia in search for a Sawfish (also known as carpenter sharks).

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

They went to Fitzroy River and there they met with Malcolm Douglas who he described in the video below as a "real life crocodile Dundee" who has "witnessed nature's very own chainsaw massacre." Douglas then proceeded telling the story of how he saw a school of mullet fish get attacked by a sawfish.

That same night, they succeeded in capturing a sawfish. A sawfish, according to the National Wildlife Federation, is a fish that is "closely related to sharks" and which has a "saw-like snout, called a rostrum, can be used in a back and forth swiping motion to cut prey in half or to dig through the sediment."

Sawfishes are endangered and are protected with the CITES convention in June 2007 banning the international trade of sawfish. Hence, after tagging the fish, Wade and his crew let it swim back into the wild. Sadly, the video below ended with a footage of a giant sawfish that was killed in India despite it being an endangered animal.

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