Lalaki hinimatay, nagising dahil sa amoy ng Pizza (Wow Mali)

The prank begins when a delivery man shows up to bring food to a typical looking home. But unlike the usual scene he expects, he was shock to witness a man collapsing in front of him as the accomplices (a man and a woman) panic telling him to get a slice of pizza.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Best delivery guy prank pulled off by Wow Mali's "Deliver us from gudtaym"

Puzzled with the instruction, he took a pizza and was told to make the fainted man smell it because it will help bring him to consciousness again. The delivery guy was so tensed that he hilariously did what the woman said though it was completely non sense!

While the other deliver guy was asked to take out a chicken. One of the accomplices told him, acting like he was about to cry, that the fainted man didn't believe the delivery guy was already coming so man fainted. If they were not on a very frightful situation, they might realize that what's happening doesn’t completely makes any sense.

But the prank continues until they made the delivery guy eat pizza with them, and the other delivery guy fed the man who fainted with chicken.

Then a doctor called and wanted to talk to the delivery guys. The doctor said that they must make the man who fainted how delicious the pizza and the burger are. And they did!

The pizza delivery guy even took another slice of pizza and started to chew it with feelings.

Successfully, the prank ended when the fake doctor on the phone told them to look out for the hidden camera.

The prank was made to two innocent delivery guys. It is really unimaginable how many strange things happen in their everyday work. However, they seemed to enjoyed the moment as they let out a good laugh and flashed their smiles.

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