Hardest Job in the Philippines (Bubble Gang)

The skit starring Mikael Daez, Sef Cadayonan, Boy 2 Quizon, Paolo Contis and Antonio Aquitania began at a sari sari store where three "tambay" men are doing job which is typically making "stand by". Then their boss came (Paolo Contis) wondering where is their other co-tambay. Then came Antonio Aquitania rushing, apologizing for being late.

The Tambays at their Tambayan near the Sari-sari Store.
The Tambays at their Tambayan near the Sari-sari Store.

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Being "Tambay" isn't easy, this funny skit will make you realize that it is a tough job too!

Their boss got mad and explained that he doesn't want everyone to think that their job being a "tambay" is a joke rather he wants them to see that they are really serious with their jobs. Boy 2 Quizon and the rest strongly agreed with their boss’s statement saying they understand it clearly.

It got funnier when Mikael Daez handed out a paper stating that he will have a leave the following day for his boss to sign. His boss signed the papers but asked for a certification for his leave to make sure he is not lying.

On the other hand, Antonio Aquitania asked for a recommendation for him to do his job, being a "tambay", somewhere else. The boss got a little mad and curious as he asked him why he wants to change his "tambayan". Antionio explained it was because he was going to live in another place. Then suddenly, Boy 2 took out an envelope from Antonio's pants which made them found out that he was lying!

Paolo Contis, the boss, realized that it was probably the reason why he was always sleepy when his at work (at their tambayan) he furiously blurted out his assumptions like putting puzzle pieces together.

Antonio plead to give him the chance to explain but Paolo shouted and said he was fired!

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