How "expensive chocolates" are made?

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In the video, you will see how luxury chocolates are made. By luxury chocolates, we meant the ones you'll find inside luxurious gift boxes with illustrative booklets to guide you which flavor is which. These crafted chocolates are filled with intense flavors and made with the highest quality ingredients.

A complete set of the bitter water.
A complete set of the bitter water.

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A mouth-watering process

One example of their flavor is the caramel. Sugar, salt, water, corn syrup, butter and a lot of heavy cream are poured into a pan where it is heated and mixed. As it boils, it caramelizes and then they turn the heat off as they add vanilla extract. It is then poured into a pan which has been applied with non-stick substance. It is then left overnight for it to set. After that, it is cut into tiny squares and dusted with starch before they go in the chocolate coating system twice.

According to the video, it takes about a week for one box to be completed and filled with all the chocolatey goodness.

Watch the video and find out more about how the other flavors are made! We hope you have some chocolate at hand because we're sure you'll crave for some after watching the video!

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