Lalaki, hinuli ng Pulis dahil sobrang feelingero (Bubble Gang)

Three beautiful ladies were talking and gossiping about their past crush when the man came and interrupted their chit chat. He flashes his smile, which he thinks is really handsome of him to do, and admitted that he already knew that the ladies have a crush on him ever since.

And he bragged that they should be talking about him during his best friend’s funeral.

Michael V. as the man who was too feeling popular.
Michael V. as the man who was too feeling popular.

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A man was arrested by the police because he was too "feeling popular"

They were irritably shock with the man. But the word 'best friend' caught their attention and one of them questioned the man frantically, saying how they could be best friends when they don't even talk with each other.

The man explained, despite that their last talk was way back in high school, they have this 'connection' where they feel the need to talk because they can still completely understand each other.

The ladies were irritated they got speechless. They obviously didn't believe every bit of word the man said. They kept silent hoping the man will just go his way. Lucky of them, he did, saying he will just go somewhere for a while and said that he knows they will start talking about him again when he leave.

Near the casket, the wife was talking to a friend of theirs, crying, wondering who could have possibly killed her husband. As they were talking good things about the husband, the man interrupted them thinking they were about him.

Police came and rushed to the wife claiming that they have a lead with her husband's killer. They said that the killer was handsome, smart and rich. The man, again, interrupted the talk, asking why they are talking about him. He was completely unaware of the situation! It got even more completely funny when they arrested the man and he asked, was it already a crime to be good looking! Hats off to this man's oozing confidence!

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