Babae, biglang sinermonan yung Student (Wow Mali)

How would you react if a stranger suddenly comes up to you and starts lecturing you?

Wow Mali is the longest-running, multi-awarded and top-rated gag show in the Philippines hosted by funnyman Joey De Leon. It features video footages featuring practical jokes, bloopers and wacky segments, as well as solicited but equally hilarious video clips from the viewers. Wow Mali Pa Rin, wherein the series ran from September 15, 2013 to June 15, 2014, is the show’s fourth incarnation, sashaying a new name and logo.

A student being lectured by a stranger.
A student being lectured by a stranger.

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This Woman suddenly showed up and started lecturing a student. Her reaction is priceless!

The video below is a prank from the said series. Titled "Sermon Tulfo", a woman went around and looked for students hanging outside their classrooms to lecture them. She would ask them why they were outside instead of studying, and would tell them she was going to tell their mothers.

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