Witness the funniest leaning journey of an Overloaded Truck

Everyone saw it coming - except for the driver.

A video of a truck stacked high (and we mean really high) with heavy white sacks as it drove along the streets of West Java, Indonesia was uploaded by Yogie Aja in YouTube had gone viral.

Due to its heavy load, the truck was going slower than it should be.

The epic scene from the video.
The epic scene from the video.

Although it is unknown what was inside the numerous sacks stacked on the back of the truck, the vehicle behind it and its passengers just had a feeling something bad was bound to happen to it.

Some of the passenger who witnessed the incident are laughing and the other are screaming while the truck slowly loses its control because of its weight.

The truck conquers the opposite lane.
The truck conquers the opposite lane.

Pretty soon, the truck started leaning, unable to keep its balance as the road started having more turns. The truck soon fell on its side. Thankfully, no one was badly hurt.

Hopefully this video will warn drivers out there to not overload their cars and to be careful when driving next to an overloaded truck like in the video.

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