Volcano eruption produces explosive blast sounds

Last August 29, Papua New Guinea's Mount Tarvurvur erupted scattering ash and causing a shock wave which resulted to a sonic boom blasting through the clouds.

Images taken during the eruption were completely amazing but not nearly as incredible as the footage captured by boating tourist that shows the mountain exploding with such power.

The powerful sound with shock wave from the volcano.
The powerful sound with shock wave from the volcano.

Watch how a powerful volcanic eruption triggers a "sonic boom"

The footage was owned by a vacationers Linda and Phil McNamar from Queensland Australia. Phil McNamar posted it on his wife's Facebook page and within just a week, it circulated in different social networking sites and became viral.

The footage started as the boating vacationers where watching the smoking mountain from a far. Mount Tarvurvur looks unlikely active until it shot lava hundreds of feet into the air, spewing ash far and wide. Seen in the footage was the shock wave from the explosion as its ash bursts into the air.

A man was even heard saying. "Watch out for the shock, it's coming."

Moments later, a great blast was heard like a cannon has been fired from the mountain itself. The man can not contain his feeling about the incredible scene and said, “Holy smokin’ Toledoes!”

According to Slate's "Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait analysis about the footage, the sudden compression condensed the water vapor in the air which resulted to ephemeral clouds forming in a circle above the erupting mountain. However, though he looked closely at the video, he saw no sigh on it travelling across the water.

NASA Earth Observatory reported that Mount Tavurvur eruption’s happens every few years. Its last eruption created a tower of ash which reached over 18,000 meters high.

In 1994, Mount Tavurvur erupted at the same time as Mount Vulcan, which is a nearby mountain, they both destroyed nearly two thirds of the city of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.

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