Vice Ganda's offensive jokes about the Pacquiao Family went viral

The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial aspirant Manny Pacquiao received criticism after he shared his opinions towards same sex marriage in an interview which has gone viral and has been the talk of the town.

One of the many celebrities who lashed out against athlete-turned-politician Manny Pacquiao is the famous comedian Vice Ganda. This is because of Manny's statement comparing gays as "worse than animals."

Vice Ganda performing in a Comedy Bar.
Vice Ganda performing in a Comedy Bar.

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Vice Ganda gave his side about the issue straight away after Manny's video was posted online. And his opinions gained attention and mixed reactions on different social networking sites. Though he accepted Manny’s apology, he still stood firm on his decision on not voting Manny.

However, just recently a video of Vice Ganda who is allegedly criticizing Manny Pacquiao and his family is circulating online.

Netizens burst out their statements through their comments saying they couldn't accept the rude words Vice Ganda threw on the Boxing Champ and his family, making them a laughing-stock.

According to them, Vice Ganda doesn't have the right to say all those words against Manny at the time he reacted about the issue when he is also used in insulting other people just to draw laughter because of his line of work which is a stand-up comedian.

In the viral video, Vice Ganda was giving several insulting jokes towards Manny's mother, Mommy Dionisia and wife Jinkee Pacquiao. He made use of Mommy Dionisia's life style and boyfriend to create a laughing matter.

Most of the comedy Vice Ganda claims to make, though might be acceptable in comedy bars, is just insensitive and offensive humor that disgraces other people's look or intellect.

However, Vice Ganda's supporters hit back and defended him saying that he is just a human who makes mistakes.

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