There's a blood on Angelina's finger, what Yaya Rosalinda did will touch your heart!

A little girl named Angelina, portrayed by Ogie Alcasid, is a seven years old brilliant and talented girl, but with an undeniably spoiled personality who makes fun of her yaya, portrayed by Michael V. Her mischievous plots always bring her yaya to worst situations.

Angelina's famous hilarious quotes are "Yaya, you're such a loser!"and "Whatever" in which she has her own finger gestures (that is, the L which means Loser. The Y which resembles peace sign which means Yaya and W finger gestures which whatever.

Angelina showing her finger to Yaya Rosalinda.
Angelina showing her finger to Yaya Rosalinda.

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Because the viewers loved the skit so much, Bubble Gang gave it a spin off. The Yaya and Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie. The characters of Angelina was inspired by Angelica Pickles of the Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats, while the Yaya was inspired from The Nanny.

One of their entertaning episodes is titled “Pain”. The story started at the part where Yaya and Angelina are hanging out at a play ground. By hanging out, it means Angelina riding Yaya’s back like a horse. After that, Angelina wanted to play fetch. Even though Yaya said she was tired, Angelina threw a ball to her face.

But naughty Angelina is not quite done yet. When Yaya told her to stop, she ran around the play ground. Yaya warned he to stop because she might fall and hurt herself - which happened afterwards. As she screamed in pain, Yaya kissed her elbow and knee. But Angelina is still screaming in pain and said her butt also hurt!

When Yaya was busying with her text mate, Angelina came back with blood on her finger. Yaya was very shocked she screamed and almost threw her phone. She immediately suck the blood from Angelina's finger saying that it would stop her finger from bleeding.

But it became really funny when Angelina revealed that it was not her blood. It came from the animal tick she killed!

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