PRC ID na pinost sa Facebook, ginamit ng kawatan at nagloan

Be careful what you post online.

This is what the police warns us with after news about a public school teacher named Mark Joseph Lontok became a victim of identity theft after he posted a picture of his Professional Regulation Commission ID on Facebook.

Suspect's picture that was used to apply for a bank loan.
Suspect's picture that was used to apply for a bank loan.

Teacher posted his PRC ID photo online and became a victim of Identity Theft, in debt of PhP 800,000

According to reports of 24 Oras, the thief used the details taken from Lontok’s ID and applied for loans on three banks. Lontok is currently in debt, supposedly owing a staggering PhP 800,000 to these three banks.

In fact, one bank is already deducting PhP 9,000 from his monthly salary and the other two is expected to follow suit. Lontok, in an interview, said that a teacher's salary is already small, especially when he's the only one working for his family, and that these deductions were too much.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) also found out that another teacher was a victim of identity theft hence warning everyone to be careful what you post online and, as much as possible, protect your privacy.

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Source: GMA News and Public Affairs on YouTube

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