Leo Martinez, binisita si Tata Lino

Tata Lino was visited by a famous Batagueño named "Tata Leo" (Leo Martinez), will he be able to give him the answers he's been dying to know?

Bubble Gang, a comedy gag show, has been airing on GMA Network ever since October 1995. It is also the longest running comedy program in the Philippine television. Because of the programs hilarious parodies of known personalities, television commercials and famous events, they have been very popular to the Filipino viewers.

Tata Lino was surprised by a famous Batangueño named, Tata Leo.
Tata Lino was surprised by a famous Batangueño named, Tata Leo.

Tata Leo, a famous Batangueño visited the wise hermit, Tata Lino

Because of the show's popularity, it also airs internationally on GMA Pinoy TV, while its re-runs are aired on Fox Filipino.

Bubble Gang is jam-packed with completely entertaining and amusing segments. And one of the program’s much awaited segments is "Tata Lino". The very talented actor, Michael V. portrays Tata Lino who is an intelligent and gifted adviser who counsels those people who seeks answers and advice about their worries in life. He gives advice in a very unusual way; He uses figurative examples which can be both hilarious and truthful.

Those people who visits and asks Tata Lino for advices are portrayed by the other Bubble Gang casts. However, whenever it is Diego's turn, Tata Lino will either insult or ignore him because of his ugliness. The viewers find it really funny.

In this episode, Tata Lino was visited by various people asking for advice. He gave them each hilarious words of wisdom to which they agreed whole heartedly. Then, a surprise visitor came saying he had heard a lot about Tata Lino’s secret power over women. It was indeed a hilarious moment for the guest was no other than, Mr. Leo Martinez. He asked Tata Lino to also give him the power over women.

Tata Lino made clear that the rumors he heard about him having power are false. Then he gave the funniest answer ever!

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