The Tolfu Brothers (Bubble Gang)

T3 Nyo! skit is a parody of the TV5 investigative show T3 where the Tulfo brothers join forces to give a unique way of public service made more accessible to the public.

However, T3 Nyo by Bubble Gang also give a unique kind of public service, entertaining the viewers.

The Tolpu Brothers interrogating the victim and the suspect.
The Tolpu Brothers interrogating the victim and the suspect.

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T3 Nyo stars the Tolpu Brothers namely Den Tolpu (Jan Manual), Berwin Tolpu (Paolo Contis) and Daffy Tolpu (Michael V.) The hosts of the skit T3 Nyo is obviously the parody of the Tulfo Brothers Ben, Erwin and Raffy. It was aired way back in 2014 until the present.

Their name is a pun on the phrase "putol" meaning "cut" or "amputated" As their surname implies, the Tolpu brothers have surgically removed parts of their body. Den Tulpo has an amputated finger, Berwin Tulpo has an amputated leg, however, Daffy Tulpo's body parts are still intact and complete.

Tulpo brothers seem to be copying the gesture and way of talk of the original Tulfo brothers.

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