Manny Pacquiao's unedited video interview about Same Sex Marriage went viral

"Are you for or against same sex marriage?" the interviewer asked.

Senatorial candidate Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao chuckled and replied, "As a Christian, bawal naman yung, ah, same-sex marriage."

The uncut video of Manny Pacquiao's interview.
The uncut video of Manny Pacquiao's interview.

Scroll down for video.

It was this particular interview of the Pambansang Kamao that had been the talk of town ever since he made a statement against the LGBT community. News about Pacquiao claiming that homosexuals were 'worse than animals' became viral and resulted to a huge public backlash for these comments. Consequently, his statement cost him a sponsorship deal as Nike also dropped Pacquiao.

However, Pacquiao's supporters were also quick to defend him especially so when the uncut version of his interview surfaced and became viral in social media. Some netizens said that Pacquiao was taken out of context, slamming the media for posting the edited version and sparking debate on whether or not what he really meant with his words.

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