Man inside L300 got robbed while stuck in traffic in C5

Top Gear Philippines is an online source of info on cars and the automotive industry. But more than that, its Facebook page has also become a page that raises awareness on the crimes that happen on the busy streets wherever in the Philippines.

Two young men caught robbing person inside the car.
Two young men caught robbing person inside the car.

Scroll down for video.

One video they shared that came from NeIbern de Pablo showed two young men robbing the person(s) from inside an L300 through an open window in broad daylight. According to the post, the video happened on C3 Dagat- Dagatan and that these young men had a knife hidden inside a white towel.

The post further warns motorists to be vigilant at all times, to always keep windows close and make sure to lock all doors.

However, some commenters seek for better solutions regarding fighting against such criminal acts to stop them from happening again. What do you think should be done to prevent this from happening again?

Source: TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook
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