Man threatens to break windshield wipers, demands money

The car's Dash cam was able to capture the outrageous moment a man shamelessly blackmails the car’s driver in broad daylight along the busy streets of Beijing, China.

Seen in the footage, the man was allegedly threatening to break the driver's windscreen wipers if the driver did not give him some money.

Pengci Bro blocks the road and asks money from the driver.
Pengci Bro blocks the road and asks money from the driver.

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A Man asks for money, threatens to break the windshield wipers in China

According to People's Daily Online, the man was demanding 500 Yuan (PhP 3,633.52) when he stopped the car at 11am on February 10 in Beijing, China. As he was talking to the driver, he was seen grasping and pulling the windscreen wipers of the car. He even managed to show a sarcastic smile.

At the end of the video, the man allegedly just simply fell down near the car. It is still not clear what the reason behind the incident was.

However, the driver soon posted the video online. As online users shared their opinions and comments towards the shocking incident, they referred to man’s actions in Chinese as 'pengci'. Pengci means that someone acts in a malicious or illegal way in order to blackmail other people.

The video of the anonymous man trying to extort money was posted by an online user named 'Jgz_Aquarius' who claims to be the driver.

Along with the video the uploaded wrote on his Weibo account, a Twitter like social media site, he posted,
I called the police, but they said there was nothing they could do. That was a shame so I posted it online so that the public can be alerted.
Seen in the video was a man with a shaved head wearing all black slowly walks up to the car near Jinsong Bridge in the capital city.

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