Lilia Cuntapay asked Tata Lino for a date

Bubble Gang is jam-packed with entertaining and amusing skits and "Tata Lino" is one of the program’s much awaited. Michael V. stars as Tata Lino, a wise and gifted adviser who counsels those people who seeks answers and advice about their worries in life such as love, friends, family and self problems. He uses figurative examples which can be both hilarious and truthful.

The Pambansang Ermitanyo and the Queen of Philippine Horror Movies.
The Pambansang Ermitanyo and the Queen of Philippine Horror Movies.

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In this episode, some of the Bubble Gang cast portrayed those people who seek the knowledge of Tata Lino's advises. First came Sef Cadayonan, asking how he should handle her girlfriend whom he caught flirting with other guys. According to Tata Lino, girls are like password. They should not be forgotten but when someone else finds out about it, you should definitely change it.

Before the skit ends, the surprise guest came, which is no other than Lilia Cuntapay. Lilia Cuntapay is a renowned Filipina actress. She is most likely known for her role in the Filipino horror film series Shake Rattle and Roll. Because of her participation in many horror films, she is dubbed as the "Queen of Philippine Horror Movies". Lilia Cuntapay also starred in her first leading role, Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay where she won her Best Actress award.

There was applause when she entered the scene. She asked Tata Lino the funniest and most awkward question ever! As she flirty tucks her hair behind her ear, she asked Tata Lino is he could come with her that night because she is all alone.

Tata Lino let a good laugh and he answered back sarcastically with rhyming phrases, saying they are not "talo".

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