Japanese Kids travel to school alone

Every school day, Filipino children are usually seen in accompanied by their parent or guardian (either the household kasambahay or school bus driver) as they arrive in school.

But not in Japan.

In fact, in Japan, children are expected to journey to school from their homes alone. The video below is a report made by CBS News correspondent Seth Doane about a child named Ryuhei Sato and his daily routine on school days.

Ryuhei Sato inside the train on his way to school.
Ryuhei Sato inside the train on his way to school.

Scroll down for video.

Children in Japan goes to their school from their house all by themselves

It started of like most children would, waking up and then having breakfast. But what came after was surprising as he had to commute to school for almost an hour all alone. Parents in Japan are actually encouraged to let their kids go to school alone. It was explained by Teru Clavel, a Japanese-American sociologist now living in Tokyo that it is a "culturally indoctrinated understanding that children are supposed to be independent by the time they start grade school."

Of course, there are also risks that parents (and the community) consider and try to address to keep the children safe.

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