"Heneral Luna" spoof bloopers (Bubble Gang)

The film, Heneral Luna, depicted General Antonio Luna's leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War. It started from the beginning of the hostilities with the American colonizers, and it ended with the Antonio Luna’s assassination on June 5, 1998.

Though the film, directed by Jerrold Tarog and produced by Artikulo Uno Productions, was about Filipino history, it was patronized by thousands of Filipino people. The film also received praises for its superb cinematography, clever writing, and brilliant cast from famous critics and moviegoers.

Diego can't help himself but laugh at Bitoy.
Diego can't help himself but laugh at Bitoy.

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The production budget was over 80 million pesos which makes it the most expensive Filipino historical film ever made.

Despite of the 50% discounted tickets for student viewers, Heneral Luna still broke the record and became the highest grossing Filipino historical film of all time. It had become famous for all ages and had been the center of attention for quite a time.

Hilarious bloopers from the Bubble Gang’s funniest parody of Heneral Luna!

To this, many had made videos about the film while some made parodies. But from all the parodies and spoofs made, one stood out. Bubble Gang's very own spoof of Heneral Luna! It was completely hilarious starting from all the unforgettable quotes from the movie, the almost similar costumes, the very convincing cast and the finest punchlines.

But what's even funnier was the behind the scene bloopers! You will soon find yourself really amused and laughing together with the cast.

The cast made fun of each other as they forget their lines then insert dialogues which are not even part of the script. There was even a part where Sef Cadayona, Mikael Daez and Paolo Contis tried their best to deliver their lines but they ended up stuttering and laughing together with the other casts.

The wittiness of the dialogues and the humor on the set was too much that some cast just can't simply keep a straight face!

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