Freshly sliced giant Fish suddenly moved in a store window

What would you do if you see a headless fish suddenly move?

One grocery shopper captured a fish still moving even after its head had been chopped off! Sounds unbelievably fishy, right?

A huge cut of freshness!
A huge cut of freshness!

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But there's actually a pretty simple explanation for it. According to Scientific American, "When a creature dies, its neurons don't stop working right away. So long as there is still enough energy around to maintain that membrane potential, the neurons will work."

But one key ingredient to make the dead fish move even after its head's gone: salt. As long as there is an overwhelming dose of sodium ions applied in it, enough to trigger the still-working neurons into firing, the muscles will contract and the fish will appear to be still alive!

It is actually a good gauge of freshness as, after all, "the muscle has to be fresh - very, very fresh. So fresh, in fact, that its neurons are still completely intact and ready to fire."

Now the next time you go grocery shopping and want to know if the fish is fresh, you know what to do.

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