Adorable Sheep thinks she's a Dog

Sam Castle, who runs Cole Farm in Hawkinge, Kent, England, is also the proud owner of a one-eyed sheep who thinks she's a dog!

Naming the sheep Nelson, she was found by one of Sam's dogs named Roxy the Rottweiler when it was just a lamb. Nelson was found minutes away from death in a hedgerow after she was attacked and had her eye gouged out by a crow.

A pet lamb playing with the dogs.
A pet lamb playing with the dogs.

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Growing up with Dogs made this cute Sheep act like she's also a Dog

Sam and her husband had raised and reared Nelson domestically by hand ever since. Nelson had gotten so used to being a household pet, along with a Jack Russell, a Rottweiler and two border collies, that she now thinks she's a dog!

According to an interview with Sam, "They really are great friends. When we drive into the yard with the dogs in the car, Nelson is usually bouncing around ready to greet them as they get out."

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