Snake giving live birth (no eggs), caught on cam

Reptiles are known to be egg-laying animals. But apparently, not all reptiles give birth by laying eggs.

Take snakes for example. Did you know that only 70 percent of the world's snakes lay eggs? The rest give birth to live young.

The snake caught on camera while giving live birth.
The snake caught on camera while giving live birth.

Watch this giant Snake give "live birth" to her babies. Yes, she didn't laid any eggs.

According to the National Geographic's website, oviparous—or egg-laying—snakes tend to live in warmer climates, which helps incubate their eggs. Viviparous—or live-birthing—snakes tend to live in cooler regions, where the ground is too cold for the eggs to develop on their own. There’s also the ovoviviparous which is a "cross" between an egg layer and a snake that gives birth to live young. Basically, the eggs hatch inside of the female, and the baby snakes emerge fully active with no shell at all.

Now that the confusion is cleared, do you want to see how a snake gives birth to live young?

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