VIRAL: Flag of the Philippines used as a mop by a student

Section 2 of Republic Act No. 8491 states that:
Reverence and respect shall at all times be accorded the flag, the anthem and other national symbols which embody the national ideals and traditions and which express the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity.
A student mopping the floor using a flag.
A student mopping the floor using a flag.

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However, one video that has been making rounds in the internet shows a student doing opposite just that. With the Philippine flag tied to the end of a stick, this said student was dragging it across the floor as if the flag was a mop.

Netizens were outraged and, as of the moment, it has over 31 thousand shares, 12 thousand comments and more than 1 million views.

Because the video has gone viral, the proper authorities had been reached in order for them to make the necessary actions. Let's just hope that as more people reach this video, they also learn from it so that they know better than disrespect our flag.

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