Feng Shui tips from Bubble Gang's totally hilarious skit!

Aside from being the longest running comedy show in the Philippines, Bubble Gang is also one of the smartest shows out there! They can effectively put together humor and information as they entertain their viewers.

Michael V. as the Feng Shui Master.
Michael V. as the Feng Shui Master.

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Originally, Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of balancing each person with their respective environment. This method practices and discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of "invisible forces" that unite the universe, earth, and humanity as one, also known as qi. While historically, feng shui was generally used to gain knowledge about buildings which are often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures that are which are positioned in a positive manner.

Bubble Gang’s skit title Feng Shui shows a Chinese man, portrayed by Micheal V., as he tries to help a man living in the slums, played by Ogie Alcasid, to stylize his house so it will bring him good luck.

With the desire of the poor man to have a better live, he invited a man expert in feng shui to help him. He was surprise and overwhelmed that though he’s living in the slums, he could still invite positive vibes and good luck.

However, according to the Chinese man, some things were positioned wrong in the poor man’s humble home. Like the old tire placed above his roof, he hilariously told him why it was indeed, inviting bad luck. As well as his walls which are made up of carton box of an electric fan. The feng shui expert has a very funny but believable explanation to what the poor man should do with his house. But before they end their conversation, the house was already demolished. To which the Chinese man confirmed, it happened because he invited bad luck by placing the wrong things in his house.

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