Dead child expresses his love for his mother using a balloon? Creepy and heartbreaking at the same time!

If there's a person who's willing to do anything for us, that would definitely be our mothers. They always look out for us and do anything for our sake. And as children, we should return their sacrifices and love to us by taking good care of them, making them sure that they are loved.

The video posted by Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, the mother of the late child, on Facebook was allegedly believed to show the final hug of the late child to his mother. And from then on, thousands commented and shared the videos.

A balloon believed to be brought by the child to her mom.
A balloon believed to be brought by the child to her mom.

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There were white balloons all over the place, some of it went up the ceiling but one balloon seems to have a special message for the mother.

Seen in the video, a white balloon was floating just in front of the casket of the child. Then a totally surprising thing happened! The balloon slowly made its way towards the mother. When the balloon reached the mother, it can be seen like it was giving her a hug.

A lot of people at the scene, and even those who witnessed it through the videos circulating on the internet, cannot believe and explain what happened.

The white balloon can been seen floating near the mother, like it won’t leave her alone. She tried to say something but then words failed to escape his lips. She just hugged the balloon as tears roll down her cheeks.

There are people who claim that this video might be fake and edited. While some believes that this is the child’s way on expressing his love to his mother, that he will always be beside her, looking out for her.

Edited or not, the footage is still completely heartbreaking.

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