Nag-sunbathing si Bureche kaso nakatulog (Bubble Gang)

Bubble Gang's very own Cheche Bureche segment stars Ogie Alcasid as the rich daughter named Cheche, Michael V. as the half-sister of Cheche who grew up in the slums, and Antonio Aquitania as their loving father unaware of what is happening between the two girls. When their father is around, Bureche acts to be the role model child, very loving and kind to her half sister CheChe. But as soon as he is gone, little devil Bureche starts bullying the jolly and caring CheChe.

Bureche while waiting for the Therapist on the beach.
Bureche while waiting for the Therapist on the beach.

What happened to Bureche after sleeping under the sun is totally hilarious

Another episode features the struggle of CheChe under her cruel and plain old bully half sister, Bureche. While CheChe was waiting for her masseuse, played by Michelle Madrigal, at the beach her evil sister came and did what she do best, harass and intimidate her.

CheChe cheerfully told Bureche that she was going to have a massage. As she was explaining how it will be done and how good it is for the body, Bureche cut her out and told her that she wanted to have a massage too. CheChe proposed that she should have it after her but, knowing Bureche, she will never settle for second.

She started scolding CheChe and told her that she will have the massage and not her. She bossed CheChe around and before CheChe left, she told her to put oil after back – which is her worst decision ever.

Afterwards, the masseuse came. Puzzled because there was a different person at the spot where she left CheChe, she quickly went off to look for her. Eventually, justice prevails as Bureche’s bullying costs her to suffer at the end!

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