Bureche, gustong maglaro ng bangka sa kanal (Bubble Gang)

Bubble Gang's Cheche Bureche skit stars Ogie Alcasid as CheChe, the jolly rich daughter. Michael V. as Bureche, CheChe's mean half-sister and Antonio Aquitania as their father. Little did he know what is really happening between his two daughters as soon as he turns his back from them.

Another episode titled “Bangkang Papel” shows the unfortunate CheChe being bossed around by his mean half sister Bureche.

Bureche showing Cheche her amazing paper boat.
Bureche showing Cheche her amazing paper boat.

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Bureche created a Paper Boat to play outdoor while raining

It was a raining cats and dogs and Bureche decided to play outside with her "bangkang papel". However, CheChe reminded her that she can't because she still doesn't have a raincoat.

Mischievous Bureche blurt out a rant saying she destroyed her raincoat in purpose so she won't have to go to school when it's raining. CheChe made up her mind and ask her sister if she could come with her. Apparently, Bureche didn't liked the idea very much so she ended up insulting her sister saying that she can’t even make her own "bangkang papel". Cheche insisted that she knows how to but Bureche cut-in and stormed out the room.

She came back bragging to CheChe her "bangkang papel". It got totally hilarious when CheChe brought out her very own "bangkang papel" which is way bigger and better than Bureche's. Without any hesitation, Bureche grabbed CheChe's toy and tore it all apart.

Then, their father came. He bought a plastic boat and explained that only the one who has their raincoat gets to play it outside. Knowing Bureche doesn't have any, their father gave the toy to CheChe. He calmly told Bureche to do her homework and stay at home instead. Bureche faked a smile but as soon as her father left the room, she screamed her anger out!

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