Bubble Gang's "Ang Ka-Table" shows the funniest way to deal with a friend stealer

Bubble Gang’s skit Ang Ka-Table turns this serious problem into a humorous one!

The skit begins when a man entered a place which seems to be a KTV Bar. As soon as he sat down, a waitress asked him if he wants somebody to accompany him at the table. He accepted the offer, and then the waitress called out for girl who will sit with the man.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

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However when she arrived, the man said he's not looking for a woman. The waitress got confused and asked if he wanted a guy to sit with him instead. He made it clear that he wanted a guy younger than him and doesn’t have a bad breath.

Minutes later, a guy named Jojo came. After they ordered, things got hilariously awkward for Jojo when the man started to ask silly random questions about his personal life. He started touching Jojo’s biceps and tights saying that he seemed to be working out. He even gave him a phone so they could keep in touch. Seems not a usual thing a straight man would do!

The tension got more heated up when a man named Edwin, played by Ogie Alcasid, stormed into the KTV bar. He furiously asked the man who was his “ka-table”. The man hesitantly introduced Jojo.

Jojo, on the other hand, was quite puzzled of what's happening so he asked who the guy was. The man introduced him as his "kumpare" but everything got completely funny when the Edwin cut in and said that they are not "kumpares" anymore. Edwin even slapped Jojo and shouted that he’s a "kumapre" stealer. Talk about dealing with a friend stealer! You go, Edwin!

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