Clever little Dog versus Rat Snake

A Jack Russel Terrier named Momo was up against an unusual challenge. In probably one of his and his owner's trip, Momo encountered a snake in the lake.

But instead of hiding his tail behind his hind legs and running away, Momo barked and engaged into battle against the snake. According to reports, the dog's instincts to fight instead of flee were because the dog's ancestors were hunting dogs.

Momo (a Jack Russel Terrier) enjoying her fight with a snake.
Momo (a Jack Russel Terrier) enjoying her fight with a snake.

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This brave Dog accepted his Owner's challenge to fight a Snake

However, dog lovers out there need not worry as Momo was perfectly safe. The snake that Momo is fighting against is a ratsnake. According to Wikipedia, a ratsnake poses no threat as they are completely nonvenomous.

In fact, Momo seemed to be actually enjoying himself as he frolicked on the lake, in what probably seemed like an epic battle against the snake in his mind.

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