Ostrich got stuck in frozen water, rescued by Zookeepers

The Pittsburgh Zoo in the USA contains four thousand animals in its 77 thousand acres of land. According to its website, the zoo "strives to foster positive, lifelong connections between animals and people."

But of course, there are some instances that startle these animals, no matter how used they are to being stared at. For instance, an overzealous visitor or a sudden loud noise might just send the animals to run incautiously.

The Zookeepers helping the poor ostrich.
The Zookeepers helping the poor ostrich.

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An Ostrich was stuck in freezing waters, what the Zookeeper did was so touching.

Take the ostrich in the video below as an example. Due to one reason or the other, it ended up running straight into the freezing stream that goes through its habitat.

Zookeepers were fast to help, breaking the ice surrounding the bird by using long sticks so that it could move more freely and into safety. The bird, however, was probably confused and was going further to land.

It was a good thing one zookeeper didn't mind plunging into the cold waters with it and then leading it to safety. The video ended with the onlookers bursting into applause as the zoo really did stay true to their mission statement of providing an enjoyable family experience which fosters understanding, respect, and appreciation of wildlife.

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