Aling Mary, kasama sa Documentary (Bubble Gang)

Bubble Gang skit Aling Mary shows a mean political-like registrar (portrayed by Michael V.) who signs forms and owns a small convenience store. She also treats customers badly such as selling cheap items in expensive prices.

Aling Mary was visited by a director saying he will be doing a documentary about the lives of the employees. The tension was so evident on Aling Mary's face because she realized that her foul deeds might be exposed. She hesitantly protested that she has no idea about the it because there was no memo and all, but the truth is, she secretly hopes that it will not carry on.

Aling Mary projecting her best angle in front of the camera.
Aling Mary projecting her best angle in front of the camera.

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Aling Mary, now part of a documentary

She got completely uneasy when the director handed her out the memo, which was not stapled - this is one of the many things Aling Mary gets frustrated on. But when she realized that the camera is already rolling, she kept calm and composed.

She continued assisting guests. However, Aling Mary's patience was tested when the next man in line didn't also stapled his papers. He borrowed Aling Mary's stapler and after of what seems to be a tug of war, Aling Mary finally let go of the stapler. She was alarmed when a regular costumer came rushing, asking for load. She tried her best to pretend that she doesn’t do such act.

Finally, Aling Mary got her revenge when the director finished filming. But she first made sure if the camera has stopped rolling. Then she asked the director to hand out the memo again. She grumpily claimed that they can't air the videos because their memo lacks some signs and stamps and it is not stapled.

The director asked for a stapler, Aling Mary being herself again, said that they could rent it for 50 pesos! The director was confused, on the other hand, Aling Mary started to lose her temper, grabbed her megaphone and shouted her signature word, "NEEEXT!"

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