A Fan made ALDUB Style Filipino Alphabet

Here's another proof that the power of ALDUB love team can reach the different sides of the society. From the young at hearts, to the tough looking gym goers. From the different religious sects, to the different age levels.

A video from Kid In Us features a unique way of reciting the Alpabetong Pilipino (Filipino Alphabet) adding some elements from the Kalyeserye.

A Ba Ka Da, ALDUB inspired alphabet.
A Ba Ka Da, ALDUB inspired alphabet.

Scroll down for video.

For all the parents and teachers out there who want to explore a different approach in teaching their kids/students the Filipino Alphabet, you might want to try this.

Here's the ALDUB inspired Alpabetong Pilipino:
B = Baste
K = Kalyeserye
D = Dikit
G = God
H = Hadlang
I = Igib
L = Lola
M = Maine Mendoza
N = Naghahanap
O = Orasan
P = Pag-ibig
R = Respeto
S = Sayaw
T = Tamang Panahon
U = Umiiyak
W = Wagayway
Y = Yaya DUB
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Source: Kid In Us on YouTube
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