Watch the famous "Manananggal Prank" on Bitoy's Funniest Videos

Michael V., nicknamed Bitoy by his friends, had since a long time ago proven that he really is the Master of Disguises. In his now defunct show titled Bitoy's Funniest Videos, there was a segment called "Yari Ka!" which featured Bitoy's various disguises as he pulled off non-offensive pranks to ordinary people usually done by collaborating with the relatives or close friends of the person to be fooled.

The prank victim.
The prank victim.

Hilarious Halloween Prank

In the video below, Bitoy disguised himself as a manananggal who called for help because he was literally torn into two. The medic who came immediately backed away and went running outside when he saw the torn body that matched Bitoy's horrific face.

Michael V. doing his masterpiece.
Michael V. doing his masterpiece.

Ako sa pagkakataong ito, kung pipilit niyo sir. Kung puwede, uuwi na lang ako. Ayoko ho sir hindi kop o mapaliwanag dito sir eh...
The medic said, refusing to go back inside.

Watch the hilarious prank Bitoy pulled as a manananggal seeking help!

Source: bryan fernando on YouTube

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