Top 25 Kilig Moments of AlDub

2015 when the phenomenal love team that broke worldwide records was created. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's Yaya DUB accidental split screen love story captured millions of fans around the globe.

The ALDUB magic also affected even the landscape of marketing and advertising. Some reports claim that the fast food company that they're endorsing registered almost 500% increase on revenue.

Here are the top 25 ALDUB Kilig Moments for 2015!
Here are the top 25 ALDUB Kilig Moments for 2015!

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A unique fan base were also created, the ALDUB Nation. The group conducts relief efforts, blood donations, public service and other helpful activities which are very different from other groups.

The ALDUB Nation are also responsible for the global phenomenon of the love team, making them trend on social media websites and being featured on different international news agencies.

Here are the Top 25 most "Kilig Moments" of 2015 from the ALDUB love team. What can you say about this video? Please leave your comments and suggestions below. Thank you.

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