Renz Verano, namangha sa kaboses niya

While performing in front of a crowd, Renz Verano tries to look for a person who can sing with him on stage.

One of the audience, who's holding the camera pointed the man wearing stripped shirts. Renz quickly transfered to their location and gave the mic to the man.

A man on the audience who can sing like Renz Verano.
A man on the audience who can sing like Renz Verano.

Renz Verano found his voice alike on the audience

Renz handed over the mic to the man and when the man started singing, everyone was in awe and Renz invited him to the stage.

The man continued the song and the audience went wild because of amazement. The man really sounds like the original singer of the song, which is Mr. Renz Verano himself.

Because of the epic scenario, Renz let the man finish the song. Renz was also amazed so he's playing some jokes on the background of the stage that he somewhat likes to walkout or something that makes everyone laugh.

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