Margie Moran's epic reaction and winning moment (Miss Universe 1973)

Maria Margarita Roxas Moran - Floirendo, or more commonly known as Ms. Margie Moran, she was the second Filipina to bring home to the Philippines the Miss Universe title. She won the crown in 1973, that was four years after Ms. Gloria Diaz won. She also took home the Miss Photogenic award.

Margie Moran taking a peep at the host's cue card.
Margie Moran taking a peep at the host's cue card.

Margie Moran's reaction at the Miss Universe 1973 announcement of winners

Held at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens, Greece, and with Miss USA and Miss Philippines left vying for the crown, the video below shows Moran seemingly taking a peep at the cue card containing the name of the winner.

While the host was explaining the importance of the role of the 1st runner-up, Moran's eyes looked down at the cue card on the host's hand beside her. After probably reading that she won, she rolled her eyes and unsuccessfully tried not to smile.

But nonetheless, it was surely a happy moment not only for her but to the whole Filipino community as well.

The video is making rounds on Facebook again, with over one million views and more than five thousand shares, after the Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe title last year.

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