How to make a Iron Man 2 Robot Repulsor Arm

Ever wondered what it felt like to be Iron Man? Even just a tiny bit like Iron Man?

Then wonder no more as Indy Mogul is here to show you how to create your own repulsor arm with only $20 (approximately Php 950) in hand!

DIY Iron Man 2 Robot Repulsor Arm from Indy Mogul.
DIY Iron Man 2 Robot Repulsor Arm from Indy Mogul.

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Zack Finfrock, otherwise known by his YouTube username Indy Mogul, is a social media personality known for making videos about DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment.

In what he calls one of his 'build' episodes, he teaches us how to make our own Iron Man repulsor arm using red gardening gloves, an LED tap light, poster board, electrical wire and tape, soldering iron, scissors, hot glue, and spray cans.

It seemed like a lot of work and could take up to two days at the least to finish this project. But the end result's not bad. Add a little film magic and some editing skills and we’re pretty sure you’ll get what it feels like to be Tony Stark soon.

Source: Indy Mogul on YouTube
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