Fish lost half of its body and continued to live with the help of his owner

A man named Watchara Chote, 36 years old, spotted a live fish that lost its tail and half of its body in a market in Thailand.

His heart melts and took pity of the creature's condition so he decided to adopt it and consider it as his personal friend.

A half fish swimming in an aquarium in Thailand.
A half fish swimming in an aquarium in Thailand.

A hypsibarbus wetmorei, more commonly called a golden belly barb and is native to rivers and streams in Mainland Southeast Asia, was found by a man named Mr. Watchara Chote swimming in a tank in a market in Ratchaburi, Thailand.

But what was bizarre about this particular fish was that it was missing its lower half! According to reports, the fish was injured when it attempted to jump out of a cement-lined pond causing it to fracture its bones that eventually rotted and caused the tail to fall off.

Mr. Watchara Chote took pity to the fish and took it home. He even fondly named it I-half and reportedly survived for another six month under his care.

Source: Theeradach Subsin on YouTube

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