Falling Icebergs causes huge Tsunami Waves

Tsunami waves can be triggered by many factors, some are caused by very destructive underwater earthquakes and some are created by falling huge objects just like on this video.

Also known as didal waves, their difference from normal sea waves are; they appear as huge breaking waves and consists of series of gigantic waves with minutes or hours in interval.

A huge chunk of ice falls into the ocean causing gigantic tidal waves.
A huge chunk of ice falls into the ocean causing gigantic tidal waves.

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On this amateur video from a tourists, they are cruising around a glacier and then some parts of it started to crack. They heard cracking sounds and then after a very loud one, the ice breaks and a huge iceberg falls into the ocean.

The clip was like a "end of the world" scene from a movie. The waves that the iceberg created quickly approached the boat of the tourists, causing panic but the captain announced that it's fine, a mild one and they're far from danger.

Three to four huge waves passed the boat, and everyone is safe. The crowd started laughing and cheering because they witnessed and experienced a very intense scene like in a Hollywood Movie.

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Source: GMoskov763 on YouTube
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