Did Alden Richards call Maine Mendoza "Hon" on stage?

In a regional show of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya DUB), one of the audience uploaded a video of the love team entertaining the fans.

The video started when Alden read the audience's question to Maine, which is "Maine, kinsay imong love?"

Maine and Alden in one stage.
Maine and Alden in one stage.

Scroll down for video.

The crowd went wild after Alden read the question for Maine. Meng laughed and replied, "Naku! Baka mag-away na naman kami ni Baste."

And then the Maine shifted the topic about how crowded the venue was. And then Alden replied something that the fans and the ALDUB Nation got surprised online.

Is this what really Alden said?
Ang daming tao, Hon!
What can you say about this viral video of Maine and Alden? Please leave your comments and suggestions below. Thank you.

Source: Louie Sparkle
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