Awesome facts about the Cuttlefish

Who knew cuttlefish could be so interesting?

Uploaded by Buzzfeed Motion Pictures' current president, Hosea Jan Frank (YouTube username: zefrank1), this video about cuttlefish facts seemed like a short documentary straight out of Animal Planet.

True Facts About The CuttleFish by zefrank1.
True Facts About The CuttleFish by zefrank1.

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Funny style of delivering facts

But once you listen the humorous commentary in the background, you'd know it’s not your typical documentary. For example, Frank described the cuttlefish's eye as "the shape of Charlie Brown's mouth when he misses a football. Or perhaps a 'w' that someone wrote when they were drunk. Or the letter q that someone wrote when they were really drunk."
"The cuttlefish's brain is larger than it's entire body including it's brain, which may not make sense but it does to the cuttlefish because it has a very large brain..."
This video is part a playlist titled "True Facts", which Frank described as "True Facts About Everything. Science. And Science." And as one comment said, "School dropout rate would be 0% if learning were this freaking funny." And we, along with the people who gave it its more than seven million views (as of posting), agree.

Source: zefrank1 on YouTube
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