Alden Richards shares some "life lessons" he learned from his Dad

In an interview posted years ago, Alden Richards and his father, Mr. Richard Faulkerson Sr., were asked questions relating to their family, love lives, and career.

An interviewer asked his father whether he would be against a girl that Alden would be romantically linked to if, for example, he saw something that he didn't like in her.
Daddy Bae and the Pambansang Bae in an inspirational interview.
Daddy Bae and the Pambansang Bae in an inspirational interview.

To this, Alden's father answered,
Kung sino man yung mapili niya, ok sa'kin. No, I'm not [against]. Ok lang, basta mahal niya.
Alden then answered to questions pertaining to his father's love life as it had been five years since his mother had passed (when the interview happened), saying it was about time for his father to "have fun".

The interview then shifted to Alden, with the interviewers probing on his love life, specifically about Julie Anne San Jose. Alden said that his priority then was his family, career and God. He also said that he wanted to focus on his work and avoid distractions. The interviewer also remarked that the rumors about him and Julie Ann probably started when Alden stated that she was one of his celebrity crushes.

However, Alden had stated that he and Julie Anne were just friends.

Now that a few years had passed since then, do you think Alden is ready to prioritize his love life? Do you think Alden was just waiting for the "tamang panahon" to arrive?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

Source: Ning Buning on YouTube
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