Ryzza Mae's epic surprise to Allan K.

On the segment "Hakot All You Can" of Eat Bulaga, Ryzza Mae commands Allan K. to go downstairs because he is on the top side of the studio, Ryzza Mae is on stage.

Allan K. asked her why did she call him, Ryzza Mae get the two bananas for the surprise she prepared for Allan K. She give it to him, and requested to peel off the banana she demands him to eat it.

Ryzza Mae's epic surprise to Allan K.
Ryzza Mae's epic surprise to Allan K.

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Ryzza Mae asked Allan K. if he knows what kind of animal he knew that eats banana, Allan K. answered and he said that is monkey. And he laughed because he thinks that Ryzza Mae is joking around him. The both of them looked into the camera and they it the bananas they were holding, Ryzza Mae said that Allan K. is a gay monkey.

On this segment the audience will act like they were monkeys. The one who will be chosen, is the one who will play the game "Hakot All You Can". This is a game where they will collect coins as many as they can on the preferred time limit, their price depends on how many kilos of coins they’ve earned.

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