Blade vs. Manananggal of the Philippines

An episode of Marvel Anime's "Blade" features the Siquijor Island of the Philippines where Blade and Makoto encounters the Verdugo natives who guards the temple.

Blade and Makoto are after the vampires and the Verdugos are hunting the vampire-like mythical creature, the Manananggal.

The Manananggal and Blade.
The Manananggal and Blade.

The Manananggal appeared and attacked the Verdugos, unfortunately their magical powers are not enough to knock out the monster. Blade helped the Verdugos and slays the Manananggal with the help of the island's spiritual power.

Marvel Anime: Blade

The fourth and final installment of the Marvel Anime Television Series. Blade and Makoto are vampire hunters, the visited Japan for a mission to fight a mysterious organization of vampires known as "Existence". Source: Wikipedia

Mananananggal or Tik-tik

Mananananggal is one of the most famous mythological creatures in the Philippines. It detaches its upper body from its lower part and sprouts its bat-like wings when hunting its victims at night.

The anime version of Manananggal as seen from the Blade TV Series.
The anime version of Manananggal as seen from the Blade TV Series.

This monster are afraid of garlic, salts, ashes and holy water. The only way to defeat this creature is to prevent its body from reuniting with its lower part when the sun rises.

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