Maine Mendoza surprises another Mendoza Family in her new commercial

A very touching commercial was added on Maine Mendoza's list of product endorsements. The Christmas-themed promotional video was from Lady's Choice Philippines.

The Mendoza Family from Laguna celebrates their clan reunion once a year, every month of December. But this year's Family Christmas Reunion, another Mendoza will surprise them.

The Mendoza Family and Maine Mendoza.
The Mendoza Family and Maine Mendoza.

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Lady's Choice: Mom, you'll always be the best.

Mendoza Family Christmas Reunion 2015

The most awaited time of the year is the Holiday Season where reunions are taking place. The Mendoza siblings decided to continue their family's tradition to make their family and extended families closer.

Everyone is doing their part for the preparation, some are cleaning the place where the reunion will be held and some are preparing the food with the help of Lady's Choice.

Parlor Games, enjoying good food, family conversations and bonding dominates the reunion party when suddenly, a car stopped in front of the gate and honked to get the crowd's attention.

Everyone was curious on what's happening and who's inside the car. The windows went down and a woman covering her face with abaniko made a scene.

And then the girl removed her handheld fan and did the Pabebe Wave. The whole family was surprised and everyone was in shock because another "Mendoza" joined them for the celebration.

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